MISSION: Santa Cruz Community Prevention Partners are dedicated to building a diverse community that promotes health and well being, and enhances youth and community safety through sustainable alcohol and drug prevention efforts. 

Community Prevention Partners (CPP) is a coalition of individuals and organizations that address local conditions to raise community awareness, strengthen assets, promote healthy lifestyles and seek long-term policy changes to create a safer community. CPP works with school districts, parents, youth serving organizations, health care workers, law enforcement agencies and community members to reduce youth access and availability to alcohol, and reduce misuse and abuse of cannabis and prescription drugs. 


As a coalition of individual and organizations the Community Prevention Partners:

  • Educates and raises community awareness about substance use and abuse trends
  • Develops strengths and skills in youth, parents, educators, community partners and members to deal with these issues effectively
  • Supports youth, families and community members to engage in a drug-free lifestyle
  • Advocates for long-term policy changes to address the root issues and local conditions of substance abuse and misuse

Community involvement is the cornerstone of the Community Prevention Partners (CPP), and we invite you to join us in taking action, we:

  • Interview and survey youth and community members and look at community data;
  • Raise awareness and empower the community to take action;
  • Develop campaigns to address our local conditions;
  • Implement sustainable evidenced based strategies that promote community safety;
  • Evaluate progress and monitor change.


Community Members like you and organizations in Santa Cruz County have joined us to develop action plans for reducing and preventing underage drinking, marijuana use, and prescription drug misuse and abuse



Project CURB (Communities United to Reduce Bingeing) focuses on limiting youth access to alcohol from homes and stores through strategies such as: 

  • Limit Youth access to alcohol through proper storage and monitoring
  • Increase merchant education with alcohol laws
  • Decrease saturation of alcohol outlets through city and county policy
  • Initiative Lead:  Jenna Shankman  

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Limit youth access to cannabis.  CPP members will work with neighborhood groups to develop strategies that:

  • Decrease recreational use in public places and at schools
  • Limit youth access to cannabis from private and illegal grow operations
  • Enhance community awareness of the consequences of cannabis impaired driving
  • Initiative Lead:  Jenna Shankman

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Address misuse and abuse due to ease of access. Medical professionals and community members will work together to create strategies to: 

  • Decrease access to prescription drugs through proper storage and disposal
  • Promote convenient disposal locations
  • Increase medical professionals use of statewide prescription tracking system
  • Initiative Lead: Mary Mason

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Focuses on supporting a safe and healthy community where individuals and families thrive in a supportive environment with enhanced quality of life through the following strategies:

  • Informing and Engaging Community and Stakeholders
  • Increasing and enhancing SUD Treatment and Intervention Services
  • Reducing Costly Individual, Family, and Community 
  • Initiative Lead: Jenna Shankman

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CPP was thrilled to see the following members receive recognition at United Way's 2015 CAP Awards for being Community Heroes!


Brenda Armstrong - County of Santa Cruz, ADP Prevention Associate Human Services Analyst
Christina Borbely  - RET Partners, Lead Partner
Jorge Bru – UCSC SHOP, Alcohol and Other Drug Educator
Michael Carballo- Cabrillo College Intern
Erica Padilla Chavez – PVPSA, Executive Director
Gina Cole- Pajaro Valley Prevention and Students Services
Pam Conelly- Health Improvement Partnership
Lee Denton- Community Member
Deb Elston – SC Neighbors, Inc., Founder
Sarah Emmert-United Way of Santa Cruz County, Director of Community Organizing
Les Forster- COE
Lily Fuentes- County of Santa Cruz, ADP-Friday Night Live


Shebreh Kalantari Johnson - Community Member, Parent
Nick Lenth- ADP-FNL
Dena Loijos -  County of Santa Cruz, HSA, Health Services Manager
Mary Mason- County of Santa Cruz, ADP Prevention Program Coordinator
Maggie McGonigle- County of Santa Cruz, ADP-Friday Night Live
Sarah Morgan- Consultant
Jen O’Brien Rojo - California Institute for Invincible Youth
Gail Pellerin – Community Member, Parent
Jasmine Serrato- Youth
Jenna Shankman- United Way
Valerie Thompson- Probation
Martine Watkins- County Office of Education