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Mission Statement

Santa Cruz Community Prevention Partners are dedicated to building a diverse community that promotes health and well being, and enhances youth and community safety through sustainable alcohol and drug prevention efforts. 

 Changing the Community Requires a Road Map

Community Members like you and organizations in Santa Cruz County have joined us to develop action plans for reducing and preventing underage drinking, marijuana use, and prescription drug misuse and abuse

The Alcohol Initiative, Project CURB (Communities United to Reduce Bingeing) focuses on limiting youth access to alcohol from homes and stores through strategies such as: 
  • Limit Youth access to alcohol through proper storage and monitoring
  • Increase merchant education with alcohol laws
  • Decrease saturation of alcohol outlets through city and county policy
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The Marijuana Initiative will limit youth access to marijuana.  CPP members will work with neighborhood groups to develop strategies that:
  • Decrease recreational use in public places and at schools
  • Limit youth access to marijuana from private and illegal grow operations
  • Enhance community awareness of the consequences of marijuana impaired driving 
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The Prescription Drug Initiative will address misuse and abuse due to ease of access. Medical professionals and community members will work together to create strategies to: 
  • Decrease access to prescription drugs through proper storage and disposal
  • Promote convenient disposal locations
  • Increase medical professionals use of statewide prescription tracking system
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