The focus of the Community Prevention Partners Alcohol Initiative/Project CURB is to limit youth access to alcohol. This is accomplished through a focus on working with merchants, addressing social provision (adult provision) of alcohol, and alcohol outlet over-saturation.

Recent successes:
June 2019: Watsonville Alcohol Ordinance Updates
May 2018: Unincorporated Santa Cruz County Alcohol Ordinance

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Strategies Include

  • Policy

    • Implementation of social host ordinances and parent education of ordinances county-wide

    • Alcohol Outlet Density – Development of Conditional Use Permits and Deemed Approved Ordinances to increase oversight of existing outlets and decrease density.

    • Lee Law implementation- Addressing signage and advertisement of alcohol

    • Compliance checks- Addressing sales to minors

  • Education/Mobilization

    • Responsible Alcohol Merchant Awards – Limiting youth access to alcohol from off-sale outlets through merchant education and engagement

    • Family and Community Committed Campaign

    • School site education/assemblies

For more information about the Alcohol Initiative/Project CURB, please visit ProjectCURB. org


Alcohol is still the most prevalent drug used in Santa Cruz County. Nearly one in four 11th graders reported binge drinking in the last 30 days
— CHKS 14-15
88,000 people a year are killed due to alcohol abuse.
— U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-CDC, 2014
Three quarters of 11th graders reported that is very or fairly easy to obtain alcohol.
— CHKS 12-13