“Using marijuana during the adolescent years can have significant impacts on brain development, memory, judgment, perception and motor coordination”

-source: ventura county limits

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Community Prevention Partners Cannabis Initiative works on decreasing youth cannabis use through environmental strategies that get at the root cause.

Strategies Include

  • Policy

    • Working with key stakeholders and jurisdictions to develop and implement strong cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and retail cannabis policies to reduce youth use

    • Working with the cannabis industry to develop and implement internal policies and best practices to prevent youth access and use

  • Education/Mobilization

    • Working with the cannabis industry to disseminate information about preventing youth cannabis access and information on impact of misuse.

    • Providing information about laws and tips for health and safety.

Cannabis Cultivation Employee Training Video Series:
Created by CPP Cannabis Initiative Members with
Element Productions


Santa Cruz County youth have consistently reported higher percentages of Past 30 Day Use of marijuana-26% than the average California youth-21%.
— CHKS; 2014 & 2011
More youth today are in treatment for marijuana abuse or dependence than for the use of alcohol and all other drugs
— SAMHSA, Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality (2010)
Compared to teens in California (71%), more Santa Cruz County teens (79%) report that it is very easy/fairly easy to obtain marijuana.

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